How to Prepare for Bulk Water Delivery in Kingman

bulk water delivery kingman

Bulk water delivery is a huge convenience, whether you’re using it for filling a pool, dust control, fire prevention or providing fresh water to guests at an event. Knowing how to prepare for this service is key to getting the water you need, when and where you want it. Here’s how you can be ready. 

Confirm How Much Water You’ll Need

Share with your bulk water company all of the details about your water needs. That includes the size of the pool or the number of guests or the area of the construction site, for example. It’s the best way for your contact at the water delivery company to make sure they have the water, delivery trucks and staff to meet your needs.

Verify the Address for Delivery

Double-check that the company handling your water delivery has the right address, including the nearest cross streets. Discuss any details about the delivery that could affect it, such as being a distance from the road which could require extra-long hoses. 

Notify Other Vendors

If you’re having water brought to an event venue, construction site, apartment complex or similar location, let others who may be working at the same site know about your water delivery. It allows others to plan around the delivery and stay out of the way. Sharing that information also ensures that anything that needs to be set up or completed before the delivery is on-track.

Do You Need a Bulk Water Delivery Service for Kingman?

At K6 Water Worx, we are dedicated to prompt and dependable commercial water service, including pool filling, construction water and fire prevention. Our new trucks and high-tech hoses and connectors provide exactly the water you need, and exactly where you need it while protecting your landscaping and being respectful of your property. Contact us today to learn more about our convenient, professional bulk water delivery services. 

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