Need Bulk Pool Water Delivery in White Hills? 3 Questions to Ask First

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Topping off or filling your pool using a hose is time-consuming and can also come with a hefty price tag once your municipal water bill arrives. That’s why so many property owners turn to bulk pool water delivery services to get their pools ready for use. But to get the best results, ask these three questions of the bulk water company you plan to hire. 

What Kind of Pools Do You Fill?

There’s a big difference in the water capacity of ponds, lap pools, backyard pools, hot tubs and fountains. Some companies may not have the capacity to handle an especially large job or prefer not to handle an especially small job.

Do You Need to Be On-Site During Delivery?

Typically, the water delivery truck pulls up in front of your property, and the water service technician hooks up the hose to the tank and runs it to your pool. While it’s possible that you don’t need to be there while the pool is getting filled, some companies may require you to be present. 

Is Pool Water Pre-Treated?

Some companies deliver water that’s ready for swimming but unless you’ve specifically discussed this with the delivery company, plan on treating your new pool water. It’s safer than assuming the water has been treated and discovering your pool water is quickly turning cloudy or green. 

Ready to Book Your Pool Water Delivery in White Hills?

At K6 Water Worx, we are dedicated to providing you with prompt and reliable bulk water services, including commercial water service, pool filling, construction water, and even fire prevention needs. Our team drives new trucks and uses high-tech hoses and connectors to provide exactly the water you need, and exactly where you need it, without damaging your landscaping. Contact us today with your questions about bulk pool water delivery.

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