Potable vs Non-Potable Water: What’s the Difference When You Need Bulk Water Delivery in White Hills?

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When you need a lot of water at your property, not just any water will do. Depending on what your need is, the decision between potable and non-potable water is life-and-death. Here’s a quick look at what you need to know when considering bulk water delivery.

Potable Water

The quickest way to remember that potable water is safe for human consumption is to think about filling a pot with water: this is the only kind of water you’d want to use for drinking. It’s great for pools, drinking fountains, hand washing stations, showers, food prep, dishwashing, and anywhere else people may drink or otherwise ingest the water. 

Non-Potable Water

Non-potable water is not safe for people to drink, swim in, bathe in or cook with. You’ll only want this kind of water when you know using it is unlikely to affect humans. Non-potable water can be a good choice for dust suppression at construction sites or fire suppression. It may also be used for toilets at large-scale events. 

Why It Matters

Drinking non-potable water exposes people to dangerous levels of harmful substances. The water could have bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, or other contaminants in it. When you need a large quantity of water delivered, it’s important to speak with a knowledgeable water delivery service specialist. Your need will guide the type of water that’s appropriate for your usage. 

Need Bulk Water Delivery in White Hills?

At K6 Water Worx, we are dedicated to providing our customers with prompt and reliable bulk water services. We offer commercial water service, pool filling, construction water, and even fire prevention needs. Our team drives new trucks and uses high-tech hoses and connectors to provide exactly the water you need, and exactly where you need it. Contact us today with your questions about bulk water delivery and discover how easy it is to get the potable and non-potable water you need for any event or project.

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